Join Worship

One of the most important ways to become involved in our community of faith is also one of the simplest – come alongside us in encountering God through worship, both on Sundays and other corporate gatherings during the week. There is only one expectation, the shared pursuit and reception of a relationship to God through Jesus.

Sussex Project

Monday, June 21, 2021 – Saturday, June 26, 2021
Serving our community members and showing them the love of Jesus.  Application Deadline is May 23, 2021.
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Serve the Community

Whether it is serving locally at Manna House or exploring short term missions  over the globe Baleville has the relationships in place to help you discover and share your gifting and the gospel with our neighborhood, state and world. Many of our greatest outreaches come directly from the experiences of our congregation, and we encourage you to see if an existing passion of yours aligns with the mission of our church and the gospel.


Reaching people often requires resources, and ministry in a tangible world frequently requires tangible things. That being said, stewardship is more about the giver than the gift (2 Cor. 8:12). Therefore we see giving as primarily a spiritual exercise. We stress that it is not the accumulation of resources but the cultivation of redemption which is our aim. Baleville seeks to be as transparent as possible regarding the generation, use and current state of finances, and always makes available in our newsletters and regular reports to the congregation this information. 


Baleville is a Congregational community of faith aligned with the NACCC, which means that we make major decisions with one another with how best to fulfill the Great Commission, we seek to encourage a vibrant and personal encounter with Jesus from the uncertain skeptic to the mature disciple, and we resist hierarchical control of community life, resources and direction. Since members are leaders, this also means that we are mutually responsible for the affairs of the community and each have the opportunity to serve in an elected capacity.

Food Pantry

Baleville has joined hands with Branchville Methodist Church to provide food assistance to our community. If you are interested in donating items you can drop off foodstuffs on Sunday mornings in the Baleville sanctuary entrance or during office hours through the week at the Wilkens Building. Volunteers are welcome to staff the pantry in Branchville, and if you know of someone who needs help please let us know.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a service group in our congregation made up of men and women who give their time and energy towards the mission of the church, particularly assisting with community outreaches such as public dinners and clothing drives, as well as stewardship efforts directly related to various ministries emerging from Baleville Church. The only requirement to join is a passion for teamwork and a positive spirit.