What We Believe

The Gospel

Redemption. Deliverance. Hope. The gospel is revealed in many ways through many people at different times, but at a basic level we mean to say that God, as profoundly and authoritatively revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, has not only made broken people beautiful but shown humanity how to live in an eternal way aligned with the nature of God. Interested in digging deeper? Listen to renowned scholar N.T. Wright explore the gospel in this short video.

The Scriptures

Religious Background Slide
The gospel is not “come to the church” but “come to Christ.” The question is, who is Jesus of Nazareth? Primarily that question is answered by ancient literature called the “Bible” or scripture. We believe as a community that “living in accordance with the teachers of Jesus is the true test of fellowship” (By-Laws) and therefore believe that the scripture is the “sufficient rule of faith and practice.” (By-Laws). While we do not worship scripture, we do worship the God it reveals. In this brief video Tim Keller walks us through the very basics of scripture and belief.


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“[Technology]…gives us attachment without responsibility.” This quote by MIT professor Sherry Turkle sums up our connected-but-disconnected age. It also reveals just how different biblical community really is – a group of persons who have shared a redemptive encounter with Jesus of Nazareth, and from that encounter live out life as an extension of His grace. At Baleville we are about more than attachment – we are about redemption. In this video we get a visual lesson that church is about Who, not What, and relationship rather than religion.

Where We Are Going

Reveal Jesus

Know Jesus

Share Jesus

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D.L. Moody once said “Out of 100 people, one shall read the bible, and ninety-nine shall read the Christian.” St. James wrote that “faith, if not accompanied by action, is dead.” Here at Baleville we seek to make alive that faith,and invite you to join our journey in doing so. Some of our current missions are found below.
Mission trips
Funding for food and shelter assistance
St. Peter encourages us to “Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.” (Pt. 3:18) At Baleville we understand that both are needed – not just cognitive knowledge, but experienced grace. Our desire is to constantly pursue encounters with Jesus in the scriptures and among community that grow this kind of knowledge. For that reason we continue to invest and invite in small groups, youth, worship resources and corporate gatherings that guide us towards a greater awareness of God.
Jesus of Nazareth speaks this continuing message to His church – “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt. 28:19). We take this message seriously, that Jesus was not calling us to make “nice people” or “put together people” or “religiously inclined people” but disciples who have experienced forgiveness for themselves and offer grace to others. Our congregation continues to explore new ways to share Jesus in service, speak and the sacred moments which make up our lives together.
The mission, vision and direction of a Congregational church is centered on and emerges from the collective voice of its members, who through dialogue and discernment agree to move forward in mutual support of one another. Every member has an equal vote in matters of congregational action, although some members are annually elected to manage operational, financial and ministerial actions on behalf of the church as a whole. These individuals then report to, and respond to, the congregation during regularly scheduled meetings where information is shared, decisions are reviewed and leaders are either reelected or new voices are chosen to be heard.
Full-time or part-time paid staff – hired by vote of the congregation as a whole or elected leaders – serve to further the mission by providing professional, therapeutic and organizational expertise which individual members either do not possess or are called to use in other vocations. Staff is responsible to the congregation via elected leadership, or, depending on role, to the congregation directly. Staff does not possess a vote in the decision-making process, and serves to support the membership of the congregation in their pursuit of mission. If you would like to know more about Congregationalism, please visit our Association partner,  the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.

Where We Have Been

In 1826 a small group of faithful persons gathered to start a congregation with a singular focus – who Jesus is and what Jesus has done, free of distant hierarchy and control and called in polity “Congregational.” The people worshiping at Baleville have faced great change by faith in an incredible Christ. They met for twenty years as homeless Christians, meeting wherever they could find a place to worship. They built a meetinghouse, survived fires and sent off members into the greatest conflicts of American history – and cared for them when they came back. They labored and strove and believed with each passing generation that God was calling them not to remain fixed in time but faithful to their witness – that the grace of God overcomes the pain of life, and the love of Christ conquers the lostness of a culture. We are excited to carry forward the work that God has started here in Hampton Township, believing that He who called us is faithful, and will carry on to completion the good work He began (Phil. 1:6).