As Congregationalists we worship God as led by the Holy Spirit, guided by the scriptures, and continually seeking to bring people into relationship to Jesus. Our worship contains both historical and modern elements,and our ultimate aim is always the revelation of who Jesus is and what Jesus of Nazareth has done.
Since members in our community make all of the decisions pertinent to the life of the community, continually challenging, encouraging and edifying one another to maturity in faith, life and practice is always at the forefront of Congregational life.
Because there are no abstract, hierarchical oversight and control of our life together as a community, and as following the command of Jesus of bring light into darkness, we seek to engage the people around us and ourselves with the continually relevant message of redemption called the gospel.
Congregational communities like Baleville are always seeking to grow the influence of redemption in our communities, homes and  lives as people loved by God, loving of our neighbor and expressing of His truth. We grow by relationships, and we hope to begin one with you soon!
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