The mission, vision and direction of a Congregational church is centered on and emerges from the collective voice of its members, who through dialogue and discernment agree to move forward in mutual support of one another. Every member has an equal vote in matters of congregational action, although some members are annually elected to manage operational, financial and ministerial actions on behalf of the church as a whole. These individuals then report to, and respond to, the congregation during regularly scheduled meetings where information is shared, decisions are reviewed and leaders are either reelected or new voices are chosen to be heard.
Full-time or part-time paid staff – hired by vote of the congregation as a whole or elected leaders – serve to further the mission by providing professional, therapeutic and organizational expertise which individual members either do not possess or are called to use in other vocations. Staff is responsible to the congregation via elected leadership, or, depending on role, to the congregation directly. Staff does not possess a vote in the decision-making process, and serves to support the membership of the congregation in their pursuit of mission. If you would like to know more about Congregationalism, please visit our Association partner,  the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.