next generation ministry


Being a young adult is hard. You are always in-between here and there – you have serious questions about serious issues and you treat your life, emotions and thoughts about relationships, spirituality and faith as having significance. So do we. We want you to be able to ask what you need to ask, when you need to ask it and be heard as a unique person by people who care about you, what happens to you and most importantly what kind of person you are choosing to become. So bring your questions, bring your hopes, bring your dreams, bring you. We can’t wait to hear from you.


People don’t attend corporate worship as much as they used to. But their desire for spiritual significance, meaning and purpose is as deep as it has ever been. We believe life is valuable. More specifically, we beleive that your life is valuable. And exploring your faith in a place of safety, challenge and meaningful formation is what we are all about. We want you to be intentional about you who are becoming and what you are believing. Join us to go deeper into exploring a faith you can call your own.


You face real problems in a real world. And some of the time – maybe most of time – there’s not a lot of places and people you can go to share those problems and even dreams with. We don’t pretend to be put-together people who’ve never had issues, failed, felt rejected or even lost and anxious. We don’t want you to be fake. And we won’t be fake with you. As you begin to really see who you are and start choosing in meaningful ways who you are going to become, find out your significance and influence in the world by building a relationship to its Creator.